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Gaming PC Builds of the Month – 2015

Gaming PC Builds of the Month - Newb Computer Build
Pwn the Machine to Own Your Opponents…Build a Gaming PC build

There are new gaming pc builds posted here every month, so if you are not ready to build right now or simply like to keep up to date with update gaming pc’s, then keeping checking back.

November 2015 Gaming PC Builds: Quickly jump to

Gaming PC Builds of the Month Explained:

This is where you will find the Newb Computer Build Gaming PC Builds of the Month. At the top of the month there will be three builds posted to Newb Computer Build highlighting the Newb Recommended Gaming Build for under $500, $500-$1000, and $1000-$1500. Hopefully you find this resource insightful and useful when shopping for your new gaming hardware. If you ever have any questions you may comment below, ContactMe, or to share the builds with your friends to get their insight as well! (this may also help me 😛 )

Newb Computer Build  – Building a Gaming PC Resources:

Here at Newb Computer Build I have a collection of resources available to you to help you choose your own individual hardware parts for your gaming PC build. Please visit the How to Choose Your Gaming PC Hardware page to get a better understanding on how you can go about choosing your computer hardware including: how to choose a processor, motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, power supply unit, and memory. As well, I explain how Newb Computer Build tries to help you as a newbie, or interested individual trying to build or upgrade a gaming pc.

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Gaming PC:

I would advise you to keep several things in mind when choosing your new gaming hardware. For One: Keep in mind your budget. When looking at these recommend builds keep in mind that you may be able to cut corners (perhaps you do not need that full terabyte drive), or need 8 GB i total of RAM etc. Two: What games do you play? Take a look at the minimum and suggested hardware requirements for the games you are actually going to use on your gaming PC, because what’s the point in buying the most expensive CPU or Video Card if it will never be used? And Three: Get a second opinion from a friend; do they think its a good pick? And do you like the way your gaming PC will look? After all your gaming PC will perform much better the better it looks (this may or may not be true).

The Newb PC Gaming Builds of the Month: 2015

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April 2015

*No builds were posted this month.

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The Newb PC Gaming Builds of the Month: 2014

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The Newb PC Gaming Builds of the Month: 2013

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The Newb PC Gaming Builds of the Month: 2011

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 Older Newb Computer Builds:

The following builds are older ones (Before the Gaming Builds of the Month) and are here for reference. I have provided these because allot of these builds can give you a great idea of what builds were good, and perhaps some of the hardware can still be valuable to your new PC build. If you ever have any questions about a gaming pc build then let me know; perhaps you want to know what additions you want for your current build, or I would love to hear what pc build you currently have!

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