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How to: Choose a Computer Case for Your Gaming PC Build

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How to Choose a Computer Case - Newb Computer Build

When building a gaming PC and have chosen all of the hardware parts you want for your build, you have to then have somewhere to assemble and put them into. In this article I discuss four steps that you should go through when making the decision as to which computer case you should purchase. Four… Read more »

A Basic/Cheap Home Theatre PC (HTPC) Build w/ Blu-ray

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So you are wanting to build a cheap basic HTPC build to set beside your entertainment system/television for your basic entertainment needs. This means that you can create a PC that will play full 1080p video but is missing all the fancy whistles such as a separate sound-card, tv-tuner, tv-recording, video encoding, video recording  etc…. Read more »

Cheap and Solid Intel i7 860 Builds

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I derived a couple Intel i7 860 2.8 GHz builds, so take a look and see what you think. The prices in both could be lowered a tad if you were to choose a cheaper computer case, different power supply, less than 4GB RAM, different/less than 500GB hard drive, or a cheaper video card than… Read more »

1. A Computer Case

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A very important part of your computer building arsenal, is the housing to put it all in. This is the only part I did not have to buy for mine since I found someone with an old case. I took all of the old parts out, and it worked perfect! If you don’t know someone… Read more »

What do you Need to Build Your own PC?

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1. A Computer Case 2. Power Supply Unit (P.S.U) 3. A Processor (With a Cooling Fan) 4. A MotherBoard (Compatible with your processor) 5. RAM – Memory 6. HardDrive 7. DVD – Drive 8. Video Graphics Card 9. Operating System 10. Other: Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Internet connection etc.

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