Benchmarks: Over 350 000 CPUs/Video Cards/Hard Drives/Systems Benchmarked

Whenever one decides to start picking new hardware for a pc build, the most important deciding factor of everything in the build boils down to what CPU is chosen. Therefore it is generally a good idea to do your research with respect to what’s available to you, and trying to get the most value for your money spent.

This is where hardware benchmarks become really useful…

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$400: Entry Level Gaming Build

Check out the $400: Entry Level Gaming Build! With the Athlon X3 450 3.2GHZ costing roughly $89.00, you cannot go wrong with this triple core, high clock rate (lot’s of room for overclocking) processor. This processor should allow most modern games to play well, at decent settings. The Radeon HD 4650 graphics card at its […]

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6. Hard-Drive

The Hard Drive is the primary storage device of your computer to where all of your applications, operating system, and files are stored. The memory size of your Hard Drive will determine how much you can put on it, as well the speed of your hard drive will determine how fast it can transfer data. […]

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