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How to: Choose a Motherboard for Your Gaming PC Build

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How to Choose a Motherboard for Your Gaming PC Build

This article is part of Newb Computer Build’s “How to: Build a Gaming PC” guides to choosing your PC hardware for your Gaming PC builds. When you are choosing all of the hardware for your Gaming PC build, I would suggest that the very second piece of hardware you choose is the motherboard; with the Processor being… Read more »

$950: Fifth Tier Gaming Build

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$950: Fifth Tier Gaming Build The Intel Core i7-950 processor at around $295 and can quite possibly be a great choice for any hardcore gamer. The Intel i7 is currently the most powerful gaming processors available. The only downfall about using the Intel Core i7-950 is that it must use a X58 based motherboard, which… Read more »

Home Theatre PC (HTPC)

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I would like to introduce another build you may consider building: The Home Theatre PC (HTPC). A  HTPC is just a basic computer that is mostly of personal preference in terms of the added components, so when starting your HTPC build you want to include the basic components for building a PC which include: 1. A… Read more »

5. RAM

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Random Access Memory (RAM) is  very important as it is your computers most common memory that can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on (see Definitions of ram on the Web). When choosing the right RAM for your computer it may be confusing as there are different types, but… Read more »

4. MotherBoard

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The motherboard holds the crucial components of your computer system. As stated by PCreview: “A motherboard houses the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), which is the simple software run by a computer when initially turned on. Other components attach directly to it, such as the memory, CPU (Central Processing Unit), graphics card, sound card, hard-drive, disk… Read more »