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Basic PC Builds Posted!

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What is a basic PC you may ask: Well its a PC that includes all the basic hardware components, as well can do most basic home computer tasks like web browsing, streaming video, storing music media, storing video media, storing photo media, word processing, e-mail, chatting and low level game play.

Welcome the New Forums!

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Hello everyone. I have just created the beta stage of the new Newbcomputerbuild forums. I hope to create a solid PC build and informational community to share and help one another out. Please stop by and sign up, say hi, and ask any questions you may have in relation to your custom PC build needs… Read more »

A Basic/Cheap Home Theatre PC (HTPC) Build w/ Blu-ray

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So you are wanting to build a cheap basic HTPC build to set beside your entertainment system/television for your basic entertainment needs. This means that you can create a PC that will play full 1080p video but is missing all the fancy whistles such as a separate sound-card, tv-tuner, tv-recording, video encoding, video recording  etc…. Read more »

Conclusion: Of My Computer Parts

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Here I have compiled a list of what you need to build your own PC, as well a what I used to build my most recent one with attached links. I will be making more builds, and would like input on what you would like to see. Perhaps builds within a certain price range, particular… Read more »

What do you Need to Build Your own PC?

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1. A Computer Case 2. Power Supply Unit (P.S.U) 3. A Processor (With a Cooling Fan) 4. A MotherBoard (Compatible with your processor) 5. RAM – Memory 6. HardDrive 7. DVD – Drive 8. Video Graphics Card 9. Operating System 10. Other: Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Internet connection etc.