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New Crucial X6 Portable SSD Capacities Just Released. Up to 4TB Capacity

Crucial X6 4TB Released

Micron today announced the release of two new portable SSD’s to their lineup of X6’s, a HUGE 4TB (with an SRP of $489.95) version and a smaller more affordable 500GB version (with an SRP of $69.95).

Crucial X6 – 2TB

This is actually quite cool, as the 4TB X6 is very compact coming in at

This is on top of the already available capacities of the Crucial X6 that comes in 1TB ($129.95) and 2TB ($249.95) – you can see my review of the Crucial X6 1TB and 2TB here.

The 4TB model is said to have up to 800MB/s in Read speeds, which is an increase over the previous X6 1Tb and 2TB model speeds of up to 540MB/s.

*To note this is of course with the user using USB-C to USB-C. but the newer drives also come with a USB-C to USB-A cord for legacy USB-A support.

The Crucial X6 is essentially the smaller brother to the Crucial X8 Portal SSD which is a slightly larger in physical size, but much faster portable SSD coming in at 1080MB/s.

If you’ve been looking for an ultra-portable storage solution that’s both fast and compact – then the Crucial X6 might just be it.

As a part of their press release, Micron states that the Key Benefits of the newer Crucial X6 4TB and 500GB models are as follows:

Crucial seems to have positioned themselves quite well here in the market with their 4TB Crucial X6 for MSRP $489.95 with an estimated 800MB/s read speed, as the comparables seem to be the WD My PassPort 4TB (expected March 2021 at MSRP $679.99 and 1050 MB/s read speeds) and the SanDisk 4TB Extreme Portable SSD V2 (expected March 2021 at MSRP $699.99 and 1050MB/s read speeds) — making the 4TB X6 extremely attractive in terms of $ per GB spent.

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