Getting Started

Keep in mind that this program is in prototype mode, so the hardware included may not be final and programming may be faulty, so expect problems and glitches.

Simply click one of the hardware icons to your left and start selecting your hardware. I would reccomend that you start with choosing a processor and work your way down. This way you don't have to backtrack if something like a motherboard is not compatible.

To select a peice of hardware you just click on the products image and it will automatically be added to your Gaming PC Build. Once you have chosen all of the hardware for your build you can click the "purchase" button below your build table and your hardware will be automatically added to an shopping cart. By no means are your required to purchase the associated hardware from Amazon, but this has been done for efficiency purposes to make it as easy as possible to purchase your hardware; other retailers will be added in time.

Goals & Purpose

The Easy PC Builder is intended to be used by individuals who want to peice together the minimum hardware needed to build a PC, while being rest assured that the hardware has already been reviewed for quality and compatability.


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