Crucial P5 and Crucial P2 SSD Released

Micron Announces Launch of the Crucial P5 and Crucial P2 NVMe SSDs

Today (April 20th, 2020), Crucial announced the release of the Crucial P5 and P2 NVMe SSDs — expanding their P-series NVMe SSD line, which promises to offer next-level performance. This is Crucials push to match those at varying ranges in the gaming pc space. That is, those who want to enter at the budget level of their current Crucial P1, all the way to the Crucial P2 and Crucial P5.

Crucial X8 Portable SSD - Fastest Portable SSD

The Crucial X8 Portable SSD — 2X Faster Than Other Portable SSDs

Crucial has just entered the portable SSD market and have just announced the release of their brand new Crucial X8 Portable Solid State Drive, stating “The Crucial® X8 Portable SSD delivers top performance and incredible value”. The X8 is also being noted for being almost twice as fast as any other portable similar SSDs on the market right now (technically …