Building a Gaming PC Resources

Here at Newb Computer Build we have a collection of resources available to you to help you choose your own individual hardware parts for your gaming PC build. Please visit the Beginners Guide to Building a Gaming PC page to get a better understanding on how you can go about choosing your computer hardware including how to choose a processor, motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, power supply unit, and memory. As well, I explain how Newb Computer Build tries to help you as a newbie (or even a second third or tenth-time builder) trying to build or upgrade a gaming pc.

External Resources

When researching hardware for your new gaming pc build, it can sometimes take a lot of research in order to choose not only the proper hardware to put in, but to find the best, most cost-efficient hardware to match any goals you may have in terms of what games you may want to play and at what settings. Below (in a non-comprehensive list) are some useful resources that some may want to check out if they are looking for hardware news, new releases or for ways to research what hardware is best for you.

Tomshardware – An online publication focussing on technology with news, price comparisons, videos and reviews on computer hardware. This can be a great resource for getting up to speed on the newest hardware and even reading on benchmarks for things like newly released graphics cards for example.

Hardware Canuks – Is a similar technology/hardware website providing reviews and articles on the latest pc hardware. I tend to like their overviews of things like new cases because they make phenomenal videos that do a great job in capturing the look and feel of what they are reviewing or doing an overview of.

bit-tech – Yet another hardware website that provides information on hardware with reviews, hardware information, gaming news and pc modding. bit-tech describes themselves as “…UK’s leading online destination for tech enthusiasts, early adopters, modders and gamers. We cover computer hardware, modding and technology, as well as games – whether on PC, console or mobile.”

3DMark (the Gamers Benchmark) – Is a PC benchmarking tool that was created by Futuremark that determines a pc’s performance of 3D graphic rendering and CPU workload processing capabilities. The benchmark provides a user with a 3DMark score that is meant to compare many different PC hardware configurations signifying a user’s overall performance on their gaming pc. This can be a useful tool to determine what pc hardware setups should perform better than others when determining which you should buy. It can also provide useful to benchmark your final build and then even compare your own builds performance difference should you decide to overclock any hardware.

LinusTechTips – Is primarily a YouTube channel dedicated to PC hardware unboxings and reviews. They provide videos daily and are generally really well done. So if you are a more visual person, you may want to peruse this channel and/or website forums and see what more you can learn.