Obit's PC Build Article – March / April 2013

Obit’s PC Build – What Do I Use?

This month, I wanted to do something a little different rather than the same old AMD based builds. So this month I have decided to share my build with you all. It’s funny because Corey has an AMD rig and he does the Intel builds and I have an Intel build and I do the AMD builds. Who would of thought?

3dmark results can be seen below (I did them myself). Note: these are 3Dmark Vantage and 3Dmark 03 results not the usual 3Dmark 11. 

3Dmark Vantage - Core 2 quad Q6700 & GeForce 8800GT

3Dmark Vantage - Core 2 quad Q6700 & GeForce 8800GT

3Dmark Vantage - Core 2 quad Q6700 & GeForce 8800GT

The specs are as follows:

Processor –

Obits Processorhttp: // .

In the CPU department, I have a core 2 quad Q6700. This CPU may carry some age, but It can do anything it is asked. I have been doing a lot of video encoding of late and this CPU is still able to do this efficiently and swiftly.



Motherboard –

Obits Motherboard . In the motherboard department, I have an Intel DQ35MP. It’s nothing special, but it does the job. If I did have the option to buy the motherboard for this build, I would have gone for one with 2 PCIe x16 (or x8) slots for sli/crossfire. Other than that, I can’t fault anything, the bios has every option imaginable and has heaps of USB slots and SATA ports.



Memory –

Obits RAM4x http: // . When looking around for ram, I knew I wanted 4 GB minimum. The motherboard had 4 dimm slots so I went for 4 of these corsair cm2x1024-6400 dimms. All the ram I possibly need for what I do.



Graphics –

Obits Graphics Card . This graphics card was probably the highlight of the build, at the time, this was a very good card, and to this day it is still able to play many games (at least on minimum/lowest detail). I got the 1 GB variation of the 8800 GT rather than the 512mb variation, and



HD 1: –

Obits Hard Drive 1 . HD wise I just have the standard Western Digital blue 500 GB for my boot drive. It does the job storage wise and didn’t affect the pocket too much.




HD 2 –

Obits Hard Drive 2Samsung Spinpoint 500GB. So for my second Hard Drive, I decided to go Samsung. I thought well it’s a nice price, let’s give them a try. It has served me well, lasting about 4-5 years without missing a beat.





 Case –

Obits Caseunknown brand plain black case. Well, I wouldn’t have a clue of the brand of this case, however it suits my needs. It has 4 optical drive slots, up to 8hds, and 7 expansion slots. Perfect for ATX motherboards and full length video cards.





Obits PSUI admit I went cheap with the PSU, but it has survived about 4-5 years now so I’m happy.






Optical –

Obits Optical DriveAsus Optical Drive. This is the optical drive I always talk about, although it’s not identical to the one which goes in the monthly builds, it is very similar. I have had it for two years now and it is yet to fail me.




Total Cost:

Well I can’t put a price to it since it is older hardware, but from memory this build cost me all up about $1300.

What do you currently use? – Leave a comment below!

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      G’day Jay, I personally am looking to AMD, in the not to distant future i am getting a phenom hex core. It isn’t new, but should give me a bit of a performance increase. It may actually be older then 4-5yrs, if i recall correctly core 2 quads are from 07-08 so it may well be older then 4-5 more like 5-6 years.

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