Gaming Mouse's of the Month - Newb Computer Build

Gaming Mouse's of the Month

Gaming Mouse's of the Month - Newb Computer Build

This Month (September 2011):


This is where you will find the Newb Computer Build Gaming PC Mouse choices of the month. Each month there will be three Gaming Mouse’s posted to Newb Computer Build highlighting that months top gaming Mouse’s based on reviews, new releases, and pure choice. (And yes I am using the word “Mouse’s” instead of “Mice”, because it is the more accepted standard in the Gaming PC Hardware world, whereas when I say “Mice” I usually think of the rodent!). If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions you may comment below,  or ContactMe, or  to share the Newb Computer Build Gaming PC Mouse’s of the Month with your friends!

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Gaming Mouse:

One: As I always like to say – keep in mind your budget. PC hardware in general can be expensive, but PC gaming hardware seems to come with a larger price. When it comes to a Gaming Mouse, I would suggest spending more on the mouse than a Gaming Keyboard if budget is of concern for you. This could be a mere opinion I hold, but having a higher quality mouse will make your gaming experience so much better than a keyboard with more functions since a better mouse allows for better accuracy, feel, and control.

Two: What games do you play? Yes, I know this is also a widely used option I use when choosing any of your gaming hardware, but we are choosing hardware to play games! The games you play can change the mouse you choose as some mouse’s are built differently. For example, some mouse’s are highly customize able with different weights (generally more important in FPS games), macro keys (does your game need a ton of extra macro?), and on the fly DPI changeability (another FPS advantage function).

Three: What appeals to you the most? There are a ton of gaming mouse’s so choose form, so which one appeals the most to you. This can be anything from color, size, feel etc. Or perhaps you would like a wireless mouse over a wired one because you like one better or you move computer stations allot. Sometimes reviews only go so far, and you just need to think about what you want; after all configuring the hardware for a Gaming PC is sometimes just as much about individuality as it is function.

The Newb PC Gaming Mouse’s of the Month: 2011

These builds will be written and linked month by month.

September 2011

My Gaming Mouse:

If you are wondering what I use as a Gaming Mouse, check out my Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 Review

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