Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 Review

Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 Review

Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 Review at Newb Computer BuildOverview:

Lately I have been ramping up my gaming hardware arsenal as I was feeling a lack of anything in terms of ‘legit’ gaming gear. I started off with purchasing the Creative Sound Blaster Sigma Headset for what I think to be a great headset for its price range and loved it so far. Next I went searching for a great gaming mouse. I started by searching and searching the net through sites and forums to which I deduced I would purchase the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse. I went with the G500 because no matter where I went it seemed people loved this mouse to pieces. For example Amazon alone has (at the time of writing this) 213 customer reviews ratings it an average of 4.5/5 stars. As far as I’ve seen people seem to be all over the map with which mouse to choose (especially for gaming). At the time I purchased my Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse I paid $59.99 at a local technology retailer by my house, however it seems the prices online right now are around the $50 mark give or take, and from the start here for that price this mouse if definitely worth it. So let’s start off with a general low down on the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse.

What’s Included In The Box:Logitech G500 Mouse Box Contents

Upon opening the Logitech G500 box aside from the mouse there are a few things included. First, like most computer hardware are the instructions books and the included software (which includes the ability to set macros and other functionality to the mouse). A box of weights  (up to 27 grams worth), and a weight tray to customize the amount of weight you want to add to the G500 Gaming Mouse.

Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 Features:

So what exactly does this G500 mouse thingy have that makes is so special? Here are the features paraphrased roughly from Logitech and myself:

  • Gaming Grade Laser: Its all about giving you the best precision out of a mouse (exactly what a gamer should be concerned about). This basically takes into account the build of the mouse and its laser which amounts to a 5700 dpi laser sensor (which is another reason why this mouse is great).
  • Onboard Memory: You can save all your mouse settings straight to the mouse (such as dpi settings, and keyboard macros and all can be specified for specific game titles).
  • Weight Tuning: As the mouse comes with up to 27 grams of customize able weight. Great for fine tuning your precision.
  • Dual Mode Scroll wheel: There is a little button just behind and middle to the front left/right click buttons. What this does is change the scroll wheel rate of spin (one mode is a normal scroll feel, and the other basically makes the wheel really loose and keeps spinning for a long while)
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: The G500 can change its dpi settings on a whim from 200 dpi all the way to 5700 dpi (gives you great control over sensitivity)
  • 10 Programmable Buttons: Well this is…10 buttons that you can put macros etc. on.

 My Personal Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 Review

Close Up of the Logitech G500 MouseInitial Reactions:

The mouse looks pretty slick, and was just a plug and play sort of deal. I installed d the software and was able to start playing with customizing the key functions on the mouse within minutes. The plastic of the mouse feels relatively solid and the look is good, although to be honest I would have preferred a non-camo version look of the mouse (but I am not THAT picky :P) All in all though I did love the mouse from the first second I plugged it in and tried it out. It was a superb upgrade from my crappy Microsoft wireless mouse I’ve had for nearly five years!

The Design:

The mouse really forms to my hand well and it is shaped sort of the same as my old mouse, so its not like I had tons of getting used to…to do. The USB cord is not your typical plastic, it is a thick cloth like material which makes it feel really durable. As well, the USB cord is fairly long and was able to reach the back of my PC very easily (I have it wrapped behind the monitor and behind the desk through a hole into the compartment where the back of my PC is).

The dpi setting button is located on the left side of the mouse and has a wonderful red liht to indicate which setting you have it on, and it is really simple to change your dpi on the fly. You can set from the 3-5 dpi choices in the included software.

The scroll wheel has the dual scroll wheel function which is a button between and behind the two front/left buttons. The one thing I had a problem with here is that I wish the regular scroll function was a little stiffer as it does feel a tad loose when scrolling. But on the second function where the scroll wheel is free to keep scrolling it literally can scroll for a while (I’m talking like over a minute).

Bottom of the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

Weight tuning is also another great feature. I am not too familiar with this as I havenever owen or even used a mouse with adjustable weights, but it sure is cool. You can choose the amount of wieghts you like and you just pop the cartridge into the bottom of the mouse (into the red contained at the bottom and back of the G500 as seen to the left here).


I am very happy with my purchase of the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse. I did purchase it for $59.99, and have seen it around $50 online lately, but I still believe this to be a fantastic price for this mouse as I have also seen it anywhere from $69-$80. The build of the mouse is very good, the customize ability is great, the dpi settings make it a very attractive pick for any user (especially gamers!).


Where to Purchase:

If you are looking to purchase the Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 you can try:

In the US:

In Canada:

If you have any other thoughts about the Logitech G500 Gaming mouse, or have a gaming mouse you love then I welcome you to share your comments below! Or if you are feel like it, you can even like me below as well 😉

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  1. I’ve been using it for about 1 week with BF3 and browser use and I really like it. Very sturdy and perfect responses for the precision I need. I’m coming from a G7 so I have high standards and this mouse seems to be meeting them…especially for the price.

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      Hey nei,

      I completely agree, because I absolutely love my G500. Glad you do to. After getting used to mine I have trouble using other mouses even for monotonous tasks. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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