7. DVD Drive

This is probably one of the easiest thing to buy for your computer build. Most CD/DVD drives can be purchased from around $19-$25 (CAD) and double as a burner. Drives like all other products vary by brand, and as far as I can see they do not have very much variation between different drives. If you are feeling ambitious you may want to splurge on a Blu-ray reader which can run to $50 (CAD) plus, and more than that for a Blu-ray burner. If you do in fact want to purchase a Blu-ray burner make sure your monitor supports 1080p resolutions quality, or else there is no point.

I simply purchased a
LITE-ON 22X DVD Writer Black IDE Model Ihap322-98
. It does what it needs to.

LITE-ON 22X DVD Writer Black IDE Model Ihap322-98


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