Experience Star Wars: The Old Republic – Initial SWTOR Beta Gameplay

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star wars the old republic logoI was invited for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta the weekend of November 25-27th 2011 and it was very exciting. Why?

  1. I think this game looks quite amazing; I had been wanting to play it for quite a while (aslo wanted to test it out before its release!)
  2. I did get invited two weeks previous, however the massive game download took me for ever to…download. The beta had actually  ended on a Sunday at 12 am and my download finished soon after.
  3. Last but not least – Bioware has now said (as I have found out in the System Alerts message seen in this image below) that “As of [then], the non-disclosure portion of our  Game Testing Agreement [was] officially lifted…“.

Star Wars The Old Republic Downloading

At 10 AM November 27th 2011, I was granted access to play SWTOR and so I did. This page includes all of the gameplay media that I managed to put together throughout my gameplay. This weekend is the first weekend where Bioware has lifted their Non-Disclosure Act for the SWTOR beta, so I wanted to share my initial experiences of the game.

After playing this game for the first time, I have to say I was more than impressed. I already had high hopes and expectations for SWTOR and playing the beta actually surpassed this.

The beginning cinematics were just amazing, the feel was very welcoming and there was never a shortage of something to do. For those of you who have played World of Warcraft you will have a very nostalgic feeling to SWTOR’s gameplay as the game dynamics feel very familiar; to me this was such a wonderful thing since I had to do little learning to start playing yet the game had a totally different world of play.

One thing that stood out to me what the players interaction with mission giving NPC’s etc. As the communication here was very dynamic and interactive.

When communicating with NPC’s it was almost cinematic like with every new interaction, plus your play is usually given three different ways to respond back in conversations with the NPC’s. Usually, when communicating back you are given a more positive response, a neutral response, and a sarcastic one.

What I found really engaging was that you reponses can effect how your character evolves. Sometimes the more sarcastic (selfish) response gains you negative points pushing you more towards the dark force (as I was a Jedi Knight character).

Gameplay Videos (All in HD up to 1080p)

First video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Gameplay (Galactic Republic Intro Cinematic)

The introductory cinematic to the Galactic Republic. 

Second Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Gameplay (Character Creation)

SWTOR initial character creation as a  male Jedi Knight. Character are fully customizable such as: faces, facial hair, scars, skin tone, hair, hair color, body size etc.

Third Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Gameplay (Jedi Knight Landing in Tython)

The very beginning of the young Padawin Jedi Knight’s journey. The initial SWTOR gameplay begins in Tython’s wilderness. This is party of the Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay during the stress test weekend.

Fourth Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic (First Mission – Attack of the Flesh Radiers)

The first mission in SWTOR “Attack of the Flesh Raiders” from Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Stress Test Weekend.

Fifth Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Gameplay (Attack of the Flesh Raiders Mission)

SWTOR Beta gameplay. Doing the flesh raiders mission as a Jedi Knight. Right at the end of the mission.

Sixth Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta (Entering Jedi Temple – Fighting Test Droids)

First entrance into the Jedi Temple. Get to fight some test droids, then talk to the Jedi council.

Seventh Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Gameplay (Creating a Sith Warrior)

Creating a Sith Warrior in the SWTOR Beta. Goes through the character creation screen into the first landing on Korriban.

Eighth Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Gameplay (The Face of an Enemy Mission)

Playing SWTOR beta doing “The Face of an Enemy” mission as a level 6 Jedi Knight.

SWTOR Beta Gameplay Screenshots:


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