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Introducing: Computer Hardware and Gaming wiki

About: Newb Computer BuildThe Computer Hardware and Gaming wiki for Newb Computer Build and  has officially been set up and is awaiting information to be punched in!

The purpose of this new Wiki is to create a database to hold any thing from how to build a gaming pc, to information on specific gaming hardware, to the system requirements for as many PC games as possible, while making it so anyone can input and update any of the information as they see fit.

Anyone may create, update and monitor the articles making the potential for this to grow into a substantial database.

It would be ideal to keep the information as directly related to gaming / computer hardware as possible, but feel free to be creative!

An example post may be as seen here:

System Requirements Wiki Example

If you click the image you will be taken directly to the Quake Live system requirements article at the system requirements wiki. As you can see the requirements are simply laid out in a nice table so that anyone can easily visualize the requirements of the game.

The look of the wiki will be changing given some time, and since it is newly implemented there may be a few quirks for a bit. However, I look very forward to seeing how this turns out.

So if you feel willing please create an account, or help out the System Requirements cause by making further additions. Lets help the anxious PC gaming crowd so that they can be constantly reassured that they can fulfil their PC hardware requirements. Thanks!

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