Basic PC Builds

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Entry Level Basic PCNewb Computer Build: Tier 1 Basic PC Build

The Entry Level Basic PC Build is for anyone who is looking for a budget basic PC for everyday uses. This includes tasks such as web browsing, e-mail, word processing, basic graphic work, storing music, storing video, storing photos, streaming video etc. So if you are looking for budget PC hardware to use in a basic PC build then check out the entry level basic PC build.

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Second Tier Basic PCNewb Computer Build: Tier 2 Basic PC Build

The Second Tier Basic PC Build includes hardware that is more versatile than the entry level basic PC build. It is still a basic PC on a budget, but includes hardware that can easily be swapped for upgrades later on in case you want to do more intensive tasks later one: For Example: Video work, graphics work, better media centre, or even gaming. As is, the second tier basic PC build is perfect for any average PC user whether it is for watching movies, playing  games, editing photos, or simply preparing a presentation for school/work.

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