Basic PC Builds Posted!

I have just completed the Basic PC Build page. What is a basic PC you may ask: Well its a PC that includes all the basic hardware components, as well can do most basic home computer tasks like web browsing, streaming video, storing music media, storing video media, storing photo media, word processing, e-mail, chatting and low level game play. The average computer user does not need a rigorous gaming build or a monster compiling machine, so these builds will be very useful for basic PC needs.

The two builds I implemented into the Basic PC page include an Entry Level Basic PC Build, along with a Second Tier Basic PC Build. Both of these builds are very comprehensive in parts including a large array of extras you can substitute / upgrade to the basic parts I have chosen; these parts can be found under the “Budget Yielding Alternatives” sections for the respective Basic PC Build pages. If you are a PC builder on a budget, you may also want to consider one of the Basic PC Builds as they are priced lower than a Gaming Build. Both the Entry Level and Second Tier Basic PC Builds are made to be easily upgradeable to higher functioning machines. If you want a solid build that is very future proof a the moment check out the Second Tier as it is includes the new Intel i5 2300 and its respective higher level line of processors as alternatives.

Come take a look at the Basic PC Build Page!

As usual I am open to any comments or feedback on any information posted on this site, so please anyone if you have any improvements, suggestions, critique, or just something to say I would love to hear back from you.

Posted: January 26, 2011

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