Choosing Your PC Hardware: A Flowchart

Basic PC hardware flowchart for the basic parts of a PC computer build.

Choosing Your PC Hardware: A Flowchart

Choosing the parts to build a computer is moderately linear. The hardware you choose is usually sequentially based on the specifications of the previous part chosen, so I put together a basic flowchart outlining the basic bare bone parts for any PC build. The chart works by starting your thinking process, and then moves to initialize the basic values of your build including the Processor, Motherboard, VideoCard, HardDrive, RAM, OpticalDrive, PowerSupply, and ComputerCase respectfully. After all the hardware has been chosen in sequence based on the previous hardware before it the flowchart chooses to display the results to then stop the process.

Sounds simple I know, but if you are new to building your own PC, then perhaps this can create a workflow to help your decision making. I’m thinking of this chart as a ‘beta’ in essence, to move into more complicated thinking scenarios such as a workflow within say the choices for a Processor where you could choose the brands AMD, or Intel, and different CPU socket types etc.

Building your first PC can be a little daunting at first, and takes a little research so if you have not built one in a while, or are new this can be a useful tool to start your planning. Print off a copy, fill it out and plan. For some choosing PC hardware or purchasing a computer is a large investment so its sometimes important to plan carefully!

Here is a full resolution PDF: Choosing Your PC Hardware: A Flowchart

Thanks hope you enjoy 😛

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  1. Depending on what kind of computer you want, you might start by deciding computer case and you might also choose a motherboard with a onboard graphic card.

    The phrasing in the chart should be changed from want to need, because you might want something that’s not compatible.

    1. Post

      This is very true. It might make sense to have a series of flow charts based on “what type of computer do you want,” then based on ‘want’ determine the need. Also, you could still need a specific part based on a few specifics, but within those specifics you can still want.

      Boggles the mind! Thanks for your input.

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