November 2017 Gaming PC Build of the Month

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November 2017 Gaming PC Build of the Month

Building Your Own Custom Built Gaming PC Build: November 2017

If you are looking to build your custom built pc this November 2017 for anywhere between $600, $1000 to $1500, then you have come to the right place. There have been several updates reflected for the pc builds this month as Intel released some of it’s brand new Coffee Lake CPU line, which have and are disrupting some of the AMD Ryzen CPUs currently in play. The only problem so far is that not all of the Coffee lake cpus have been available for purchase or they have been in very limited supply, so if you think you want to purchase one of the new cpus you may have to be patient. Otherwise take a look at the $600 build below for the inclusion of our very first coffee lake pc build in the monthly pc builds.

Each of the custom pc builds below are in the budgets of $600, $1000 or $1500 and there are even budgets available everywhere in between. If you are looking for the very best November 2017 gaming pc build then all you have to do is choose a build based on your available budget, the games you want to play and at what settings / resolutions. The following builds are updated monthly in order to bring you the most up to date hardware possible at the best possible cost per gaming performance.

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Gaming PC Builds 2017 - High End Level

November 2017 $1500 PC Build

Performance: Game with Extreme settings and High FPS at resolutions of 1920×1080 (1080P) & 2560×1440 (1440p) + good gameplay at 4K

Hardware Link Price Image

Intel 7th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processor i7-7700K (BX80677I77700K)

Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO – CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan $29.99
Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.1 Z270 ATX Motherboard $134.99
Graphics Card GTX 1080: ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Turbo Graphic Card TURBO-GTX1080-8G  $499.99
RAM $143.99
SSD SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Solid State Drive (SDSSDA-480G-G26) [Newest Version] $145.27
Power Supply EVGA Supernova G2 750W 220-G2-0750-XR Fully Modular Power Supply $114.89
Computer Case NZXT S340 Mid Tower Computer Case, Matte Black/Blue (CA-S340MB-GB) $69.99
Estimated Price : $1454 – (November 2017)


Overview: Gaming PC Build for $1500

Out of all of the gaming pc builds for November 2017, the $1500 build has seen little to no changes — just a few price changes which have been reflected above. What eventually may replace the i7 7700K in this build will be the Intel Coffee Lake i7 8700K, that is when it’s released / prices stabilize and so on. This month the $1500 gaming pc build includes an Intel i7 7700K processor, which rocks any game out on the market.

The high-end graphics card included is the GTX 1080 (the ASUS GTX 1080 TURBO). This graphics card is made to max out games at 1400p resolutions. As a plus the GTX 1080 has also proven to be very playable on VR platforms if you are ever interested. If you are looking to beef up this build further, you could also consider the GTX 1080 Ti.

We have included the same motherboard, which is a quality Z270 chipset board – the ASUS PRIME Z270-A. This motherboard is one of Asus’s best Z270 motherboards and very well balanced. This board does literally anything most mainstream gamers will ever need. If you want to learn more please visit the ASUS Prime Z1270-A page at, which states the following highlighted specifications:

  • 5-Way Optimization with Auto-Tuning and FanXpert 4 automatically tailors overclocking profiles to your unique build for maximum OC performance and dynamic system cooling
  • Maximize your connectivity and speed with integrated Dual M.2, Intel® Optane™ Memory compatibility, USB 3.1 Type A / Type C connections, and Intel® Thunderbolt 3 support
  • Dual Patent-pending SafeSlots featuring an injection molding process that integrates metal framing for a stronger, firmly anchored PCIe slot built for heavyweight GPUs
  • AURA Sync RGB lighting features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across an ever-expanding ecosystem of AURA Sync enabled products
  • On-board 3D-printing mounts for creating unique designs on your customized build

RAM prices are very sporadic at the moment, and are a tad more expensive than they should be. My suggestion is to search for a cheap 16Gb kit of 2X 8GB sticks that you find at the lowest cost. The included RAM/memory, we have 16GB (two 8GB sticks) of Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit, which is a good healthy amount of memory for this high performing $1500 gaming pc build.

Our storage solution, is a SanDisk Plus 480 GB SSD – plenty of space to get started with your build. If you think you want to milk as much speed and performance as possible you could also opt for a PCIe SSD, for a bit of a premium (as shown in the hardware upgrades/alternatives below).

For the PSU / Power Supply Unit for this build we have a total of 750Watts provided through the EVGA Supernova G2 750W psu – plenty of power for this build and a solid PSU and a highly rated power supply.

The included pc case is the NZXT S340 (specifically, the Matte Black/Red color scheme). I absolutely love the aesthetic of this case (and all the S340’s), one that just boasts confidence in style and quality. To learn more please visit the product page at

November 2017 $1500 PC Build Upgrade Suggestions

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 750W , Fully Modular , EVGA ECO Mode, 10 Year Warranty , Includes FREE Power On Self Tester, Power Supply 220-P2-0750-X1
– Higher Efficiency Power Supply
GRAPHICS CARD UPGRADE GTX 1080 Ti: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING OC 11GB Graphic Cards N108TGAMINGOC-11GD *New– For the best possible 4K gaming experience  –  Performance of the previous Titan X at a fraction of the cost! $749.99
Purchase a liquid CPU cooler (instead of the included air cooler): Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler CW-9060025-WW
PCIe SSD (faster): Plextor M8Pe 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid-State Drive with Heatsink (PX-512M8PeG

The hardware upgrades you see above are recommendations for the above November 2017 $1500 gaming PC build. You can choose one or all of the hardware and it will be compatible with the above build and improve it’s performance in some way.

For those who are concerned about or want a highly efficient power supply, you could go with the Platinum rated EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2 — just a little bit more than the G2 EVGA psu included in the main pc build.

The above pc build does include an SSD, which is perfectly suited for most gamers and pc builders, but if someone were searching for the fastest and one of the most efficient methods of storage, you could consider a premium PCIe Solid State Drive, such as the Plextor 512Gb M.2 PCIe SSD above.

If you want more than the included air cpu cooler included in the main build, then above is the Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 liquid cpu cooler. This cooler would be a substitute for the above included Hyper 212 EVO air cpu cooler and would provide a quieter, more efficient / more customized cooling experience. This option would be best purchased now rather then later so as to save on buying only one cooler for your PC.

The final upgrade you see above is a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, which is a newly release card that now replaces the previous Titan X graphics card. The GTX 1080 Ti performs very similarly to the Titan X, but at a fraction of the cost.

Gaming PC Builds 2017 - Mid Range Level

November 2017 $1000 Gaming PC Build

Capability: Game with Extreme settings at 1920X1080 resolutions up to Higher Settings at 2560×1440 (2K)

Hardware Link Price Image
Estimated Price: $935 (November 2017)
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor with Wraith Spire Cooler

Cooler *Free — Wraith Spire Cooler included with the Ryzen 5 1600 $
Motherboard $104.99
Graphics Card

RX 580 8GB: XFX GTS XXX Edition RX 580 8GB OC+ 1386Mhz DDR5 3xDP HDMI DVI Graphic Cards RX-580P8DFD6 $289.99  

RAM $75.99
SSD $87.89
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1, 80+ GOLD 650W, Fully Modular, 10 Year Warranty, Includes FREE Power On Self Tester Power Supply 120-G1-0650-XR $96.58
Computer Case $69.33

Overview: $1000 November 2017 Gaming PC Build

The $1000 gaming pc build is for those who want to game at resolutions of 1080p into 2K  well for under $1000 (this build is only $935 this month). This budget PC build that will probably cover most of any average gamers needs, those pc gamers who want an affordable pc that they get to custom build and play the most modern games at the highest settings on the most used gaming resolutions.

The included processor is a an AMD Ryzen 1600 cpu. Another option one could consider is the Ryzen 1600X, but you can overclock the 1600 up to 1600x levels, plus the 1600 comes with its own cpu cooler.

Where the biggest change is this month is with the graphics card, we have swapped the previous GTX 1060 with a RX 580 8GB. Both of those graphics card can perform similarly, but the RX 580 has a bit of an edge and is now back down to where it should be (before there was limited supply due to the Cryptocurrency mining craze).

We have also switched up the motherboard din the $1000 gaming pc build to a ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING AM4 motherboard, which has the following specifications (from

  • Powered by AMD® Ryzen™ AM4 and 7th generation Athlon™ processors to maximize connectivity and speed with NVMe M.2, USB 3.1, gigabit LAN, and up to 64GB of DDR4
  • 5-Way Optimization with Auto-Tuning and Fan Xpert 4 automatically tailors overclocking profiles to your unique build for maximum OC performance and dynamic system cooling
  • AURA Sync RGB lighting plus additional 4-pin RGB headers provides a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across an ever-expanding ecosystem of AURA Sync enabled products
  • Dual Patent-pending SafeSlots feature an injection molding process that integrates metal framing for a stronger, firmly anchored PCIe slot built for heavyweight GPUs
  • Industry-leading 8-channel HD audio with the ROG exclusive SupremeFX S1220 driven by Japanese capacitors

The RAM included is the affordable kit of Ballistix Sport LT 8Gb kit, which is enough memory for most gaming pc builds, and you always have the option to upgrade more in the future if need be with the extra couple of slots on the included motherboard. RAM prices are a little unpredictable these days, so you can try to look for the best deal on a 8GB kit of 2X 4Gb sticks of ram and you will be fine.

For this pc builds storage, we have a SK Hynix 256GB SSD, which is a great value SSD. Should you want more than the 250GB, then you can look at the high-end build for another SSD option as well or in the hardware alternatives table below.

The included power supply unit used in this months $1000 pc build is the EVGA SuperNOVA G1 650W power supply, which is a great PSU , which is fully modular.

Now for the PC case for the $1000 gaming pc build is the MasterBox 5 by Corsair. This case has a very straightforward design, which makes it super easy to build your pc build with.  Read the full specifications for the MasterBox 5 over at

November 2017 $1000 PC Build Upgrade Suggestions


SanDisk Ultra II 500GB SATA III SSD – 2.5-Inch 7mm Height Solid State Drive – SDSSDHII-500G-G25

GRAPHICS CARD UPGRADE GTX 1070: MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 SLI DirectX 12 VR Ready Graphics Card (GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC) $439.99
PSU UPGRADE  Upgrade to a Platinum efficient power supply – EVGA SuperNOVA 650 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 650W , Fully Modular , EVGA ECO Mode, 10 Year Warranty , Includes FREE Power On Self Tester, Power Supply 220-P2-0650-X1 $118.34
CPU COOLER UPGRADE Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler , Black- Add a liquid CPU Cooler for quieter, more customized and efficient cooling *Note you will need to go to Corsair’s Website to purchase an AM4 bracket if you get this cooler.

Above are the upgrade ideas for the November 2017 $1000 gaming PC build, these are recommended in case you have a larger budget or want some upgrade suggestions later on.

For the best in terms of a performance boost, you could consider going straight for a GTX 1070 graphics card, which could max those games out in 2K without a problem, which will enable higher frame rates in more demanding games.

If you want more than the included 256GB storage SSD in the main build, you could consider bumping your SSD up to the 500GB Sandisk Ultra II giving you nearly double the space and a slight bump in your read/write storage speed.

You could also go with a liquid cpu cooler such as the Corsair Hydro Series H80i V2 in place of the included air cooler already included in the above build above. This could help keep things quiet and a tad cooler when overclocking and it offers a more customize cooling experience.

I have also included a PSU upgrade this month – that is the EVGA 650Watt P2, which is a Platinum rated Power Supply Unit giving you an extra boost in power efficiency, which could save a tad on power as it uses it more efficiently.

Gaming PC Builds 2017 - Entry Level

November 2017 $600 Gaming PC Build

Capability: Game at Smoothly with High settings and FPS at 1920X1080 resolutions in most games.

Hardware Link Price Image
Estimated Price: $634 (November 2017)
Motherboard MSI ATX Motherboard Motherboards Z370-A PRO $109.99
Graphics Card GTX 1050 Ti: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING, 4GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC) Graphics Card 04G-P4-6253-KR


RAM Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DIMM 288-Pin – BLS2K4G4D240FSB $75.99
SSD Kingston Digital, Inc. 120GB A400 SATA 3 2.5 Solid State Drive $57.95
Power Supply Corsair CX Series, CX500, 500 Watt (500W) Power Supply, 80+ Bronze Certified $51.46
Computer Case BitFenix Computer Case Cases BFC-NEO-100-KKWSK-RP Black $43.67

Overview: $600 Gaming PC Build

The $600 gaming PC build is able to game smoothly at 1080p resolutions in most games on high settings. Most general gamers will most likely be gaming on a 1080p monitor and this will actually be all they need to play the games they want to play.

We do have an exciting addition to the $600 gaming pc build, which is the brand new Intel Coffee Lake i3-8100, which is a huge bump from your typical i3 with 4 cores, 4 threads and a 4.0ghz clock speed.

For the graphics card we have a GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. This is a very affordable gpu that provides you will good 1080p game play. If you need to further boost your graphics performance, check out the alternatives tables below where we include an AMD RX 580 8GB graphics card, likewise you could also get a GTX 1060 3Gb card if you don’t have as much to spend.

With a new cpu comes a newly needed motherboard type. With the new Coffee Lake cpus comes the first line of Z370 boards. Included with the $600 pc build is the MSI ATX Motherboard Motherboards Z370-A PRO, which has the following specifications (learn more at

  • Supports 8th Gen Intel® Core™ / Pentium® Celeron® processors for LGA 1151 socket
  • Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 4000+(OC) MHz
  • DDR4 Boost: Advanced technology provided by MSI OC lab to ensure maximum compatibility for overclocking performance.
  • AUDIO BOOST :Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality for the most immersive audio experience
  • MULTI-GPU: With Steel Armor PCI-E slots. Supports AMD 2-Way Crossfire
  • Heavy plated heatsinks:Leading heatsink design, for maximum cooling
  • EZ Debug LED: Easiest way to troubleshoot
  • Turbo M.2: Delivering Speeds Up to 32Gb/s, Intel Optane Memory Ready
  • PCI-E Steel Armor:Protecting VGA cards against bending and EMI
  • X-Boost: Great tool to boost your USB & Storage performance
  • Double ESD Protection: Double layer grounding motherboard mounting holes
  • Military Class 5, Guard-Pro: Latest evolution in high quality components for best protection and efficiency
  • Click BIOS 5: Award-winning BIOS with high resolution scalable font, favorites and search function
  • VR Ready: Best virtual reality game experience without latency, reduces motion sickness

The RAM included is a kit of Ballistix Sport LT 8Gb kit (the same as in the $1000 pc build) which is enough memory for most gaming pc builds, and you always have the option to upgrade more in the future if need be with the extra couple of slots on the included motherboard.

The storage included is a Kingston Digital 120GB solid state drive SSD. This is a great start in terms of storage speed and capacity, however if you do think you’ll need more storage right away, you could consider a 256Gb or larger SSD as well (look at any of the builds in this article or in the hardware alternatives table for suggestions).

To actually provided power in this pc build, we have the reputable and affordable Corsair CX Series, CX500, with enough juice to power this build and for a good cost.

The PC case included is the budget Bitfenix NEOS 100, which is an affordable budget case that really has all you need.

November 2017 $600 PC Build Upgrade Suggestions

CASE UPGRADE  Upgrade your case: Phanteks Enthoo PRO M Acrylic Window Computer Case, Anthracite Gray Edition PH-ES515PA_AG $84.99
GRAPHICS CARD UPGRADE GTX 580 8GB: XFX GTS XXX Edition RX 580 8GB OC+ 1386Mhz DDR5 3xDP HDMI DVI Graphic Cards RX-580P8DFD6 $289.99
CPU UPGRADE  Intel BX80684I38350K 8th Gen Core i3-8350K Processor
STORAGE UPGRADE SK Hynix Flash Memory 2.5″ 250 GB Internal Solid State Drives HFS250G32TND-N1A2A

Above you will find upgrade suggestions should you have more to spend or want ideas for hardware upgrade when you have the need in the future for the November 2017 $600 gaming PC build.

If you are wanting a different style to your pc case or want a higher quality pc case, you could consider going with a Phanteks Enthoo PRO M. This is just an example of a different case that you could choose from, as there are hundreds to choose from out these to suite your style — although this case is a very well rated case!

One of the more important performance upgrade solutions could be to the AMD RX 580 graphics card, for a little bit more than the included GTX 1050 ti already included. Previously we would have recommended the GTX 1060 3GB which is still an option and more affordable, so I’ll leave the choice up to you based on your available budget for your pc build.

You can increase your storage space by going with a larger capacity SK HYNIX 256Gb SSD or even the 500GB oneThis would be recommended if you think you will need more than 120GB as included in the SSD in the base build above.

For a greater bump in performance, you could consider getting an upgraded version of the included Intel Coffee Lake CPU such as the Intel i3 8350K you see above — you may have a bit of trouble purchasing at the moment as supply can be limited with this newly released cpu.

Operating Systems for the November 2017 Gaming PC Builds

You will need an operating cpu for your gaming pc build and If you don’t already have one laying around, then you’re going to have to purchase a standard OS such as Windows 10 or check out some free alternatives that you could consider. Keep in mind that it is recommended to purchase Windows online or as a USB stick and install it that way as optical drives are not included in any of these builds and nor would you generally need one for any modern gaming pc.

Included below is a USB copy of Windows 10, which is probably what most people need. I have also included two other operating systems that are both currently free – so could be worth the time trying out. Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system. The last OS is SteamOS, which is also a Linux OS being developed by Valve Corporation.

OS Link Price Image
Windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows 10 Home USB Flash Drive

*This is the USB version, you can also purchase the DVD (which requires an Optical Drive) or purchase a downloaded copy, which would require you to install on to a USB or hard drive from another PC.

Ubuntu Ubuntu – Desktop Free Ubuntu Logo
SteamOS SteamOS – “Build your own Steam Machine” Free Steam Operating System OS

Best of luck Building Your Gaming PC Build!

Thanks for visiting us for the best November 2017 gaming pc builds of the month over here at Newb Computer Build. These gaming pc builds are updated every month to give you the most up to date builds in and between the following budgets ($600, $1000, $1500) giving you a range of the best gaming pc builds to choose from. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and best of lucking building your best gaming PC this November 2017.

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      The $600 build would do fine and the PUBG build is up to date / is a very viable choice. If you wanted to get a similar build that’s the most up to date, what I would do is take the $600 build in this article and substitute the graphics card for either a GTX 1060 or RX 580 which would push the price up a tad. Let me know if you have any further questions!

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          Not a problem! I would recommend the 6GB version, and with regards to brand I wouldn’t be too picky, but I would try and get one of the more affordable 6GB version. Some examples could be the Asus one I have in the PUBG article (ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB) or even the (ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 6GB Turbo Edition) which is a tad cheaper right now. Another decent choice could be the MSI Computer GTX 1060 ARMOR 6G — all of which are arounds roughly the same cost. I hope this helps.

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      Hey there, no it is definitely DDR4 RAM. That link for some reason didn’t connect correctly, so thank you for that catch it’s should be working properly now. RAM prices have been going crazy lately and have been all over the place. And yes the new Intel i3 8100 is better thank the Ryzen 3. Last month I had the Ryzen 3 1300x, which is still a great cpu but doesn’t benchmark as well now that the Coffee Lake cpus are being released. For example I suggest you take a look at this benchmark video:

      Let me know if you have any further questions!

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