Corsair 600T White Virtual Case Mods

Corsair 600T Starwars PC Case Mod

Nada - Star Wars Corsair 600T Case Mod

Blank Corsair 600T Case Canvas

Blank Corsair 600T Case Canvas

I recently stumbled upon the Dutch website and came across their Corsair 600T Graphite contest winners page. The idea behind this contest was a competitor would submit a ‘virtual case mod’ of the Corsair 600T White pc case and make it as unique as they could. There were some pretty nice looking concepts that I would like to share with you here. 

Above was the ultimate winner ‘Nada’ who did a Star Wars case mod. In my opinion this case looks amazing!

The Other Case Honorable Mentions:

Basjuhh with Black Accent :

fatillio-feyyaz with BMW M 600T Edition :

NOUSERNAME with Modern Warfare 3 :

Jonne c. his Corsair 600T: Metal :

ThePresent with Corsair Graphite 600 T – Dutch Cow Edition :

Lanfire with Corsair 600T Graphite Dirt 3 – Monster Energy Edition :

DopeMasta with Corsair 600T Battlefield 3 :

jackkeayn with Corsair 600T Clear White :

flymennl with Nvidia Outbreak Case :

brammeke11 with Corsair 600T Graphite Tight Lines :

ronalddus with Corsair 600T: Rough Edge :

the_architect his Cors (h) Air 600T Graphite: White Rabbit Edition :

Anniversaries with his Corsair 600T Monster Energy :

BETA911 with Corsair White Zipped :

Qcore with Far Cry 3

Labyrinth with its Light Versus Darkness

AlbatiQue his storm trooper

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