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Newb Computer Build

Hello everyone,

I am implementing a new look for Newb Computer Build. This is because I believe the new one (as seen right now) is simpler,  and more visually appealing to put it…well simply. My goal is to provide informative content on computer hardware that you find interesting enough to read, and while doing that I hope to provide you with nice accommodations during your stay. I would love any input on what I could do to better the site in any way, such as visual appeal, particular content, or how I could improve on what I already include.

One thing I think would be interesting would be to create a page of peoples “computer profiles” that include user profiles based on what your current hardware configuration(s) are. So it would display your hardware configuration, OS/Software configurations, peripherals, pictures of your set up etc. So please if anyone is interested or has any ideas of their own I would love to hear from you via comment, or e-mail (top right).

Thanks, and until next time!


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