How To: Choose Your Gaming PC Hardware

Hardware you will need to build a gaming pcWhy Build Your Own Gaming PC?

If you are an avid Gamer or just a plain hardware enthusiast then there is nothing like building your own PC! Honestly there are so many reasons why you should build your own PC:

Building your own PC is cheaper: You can purchase much more bang for your buck building your own PC. You can build a much more powerful gaming rig at a much smaller price tag!

Personalize and Customize: Building your own PC makes it your PC! Gamers more than anyone know the appeal of being able to customize and by building your own PC you get to choose eveyrthing you put in in exactly the way you want it. Anything from the type of proceccor to your snazzy computer case you can make the PC of your dreams – or damn close to it!

The satisfaction: Nothing makes you appreciate the machine you game on, watch movies on, listen to music on, and do pretty much whatever else you do on than building it yourself! Building your own PC will enable you to learn more about the hardware you use giving you a greater understanding of each individual part.

This does in turn give you so much more satisfaction than going to your nearest hardware retailer and buying a pre-built PC (Trust me :P)

It is FUN: Building your own gaming PC will take a little research for all the specific hardware you need, and to do this you will have to (visit blogs like Newb Computer Build 🙂 ) visit hardware forums, read hardware reviews by experts and consumers, and asking others in hardware forums. It may seem like a lot of work but you will have fun connecting with new people, learning new information (so you can get your Geek on!).

How Newb Computer Build can Help you Build Your Gaming PC:

Newb Computer Build can help you when building your new Gaming PC because here I (Corey) have written a bunch of articles on how to choose the specific hardware parts you will need to get in order to piece together your new Gaming PC.

And it does not stop there because Newb Computer Build also has Monthly Gaming PC Builds in various price ranges based on the newest hardware trends, reviews and research I have done in order to provide up to date Gaming Builds so that you can get the best value for your money. Also, I write hardware reviews in the Newb Reviews section when I purchase Gaming PC Hardware of my own so that I can provide you with my thoughts on what I use. And finally, we are building gaming PCs! So Newb Computer Build has also provided you with a PC Games section that provides the system requirements, and requirements you will need to play these games at higher settings various PC Games.

How To: Choose Your Gaming Hardware

The following are articles to help you to better understand what it takes to choose your Gaming PC hardware. If you still have any confusions after reading any of the articles, you need help choosing any other parts for your Gaming PC, or you just want to chat then please let me know via either leaving a comment or getting in contact with me through the comment form.

  1. How to: Choose a Processor for Your Gaming PC Build
  2. How to: Choose a Motherboard for Your Gaming PC Build
  3. How to: Choose a Graphics Card for Your Gaming PC Build
  4. How to: Choose a Hard Drive for Your Gaming PC Build
  5. How to: Choose a Power Supply Unit (PSU) for Your Gaming PC Build
  6. How to: Choose Memory (RAM) for Your Gaming PC Build
  7. How to: Choose a Computer Case for Your Gaming PC Build

How to Build and Put the Hardware Together Once your Have it:

There are a ton of videos out there on how to piece together all of the hardware to build your PC. I would love to do one myself, however I built my most recent PC before I had a chance to make a video, but I promise when I build my next one I will more more than willing to make one!!

So since I have not been able to make one I will provide you with a pretty informative video by Carey Holzman on how to build a gaming computer. It follows a very straight forward step by step process. Enjoy!

Please check out my article Choosing Your PC Hardware: A Flowchart for a basic understanding on how you should go about choosing your PC hardware, as well a very good method to plan your build. I know it seems straight forward and silly, but from a programmers mind trust me its not!