5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Gaming Keyboard

Five Reasons a Gaming Keyboard Can Make or Break Your Gaming Performance

Last Updated: March 2021 When you are shopping for PC gaming equipment or building your own gaming pc, chances are you spend a great deal of time selecting the best pc card, motherboard, and processor for your machine. You probably even spend a lot of time selecting the perfect-looking case for your build. But have you ever given much thought …

Best Gaming PC Build Case Mods of 2021

Best Gaming PC Build Case Mods of 2021

Here are some of the best PC case mods from the Case Mod World Series over at Coolermaster. Stop on by for some inspiration and see the talented mods of 2021!

January 2021 Gaming PC Builds of the Month $500 $700 $1000 and $1500

January 2021 Gaming PC Builds of the Month ($1500, $1000, $700 & $500)

The January 2021 Gaming PC Builds of the Month have been posted — and if you’ve been trying to build a gaming pc for the past couple of months, then you know all about the graphics card supply problems. However, this is a fantastic time to be planning a new build with so many amazing GPU and CPU releases breaking gaming benchmarks in comparison to previous gen hardware.

All builds this month include all appropriate hardware maximizing performance per dollar spent, and where applicable newer GPU’s are included, you just have to get your hands on one, which should be easier as the month progresses and now that the holiday season has passed.

Best of luck building this January 2021!

Apple M1 Gaming Benchmarks

Apple M1 Gaming Benchmarks (Macbook Air 8GB)

This may be a bit of a divergent article than the usual here at Newb Computer Build, as typically here we’re all about pc hardware and gaming. However, I recently purchased the low-end Apple M1 Macbook Air and thought, what the heck, let’s try some games and benchmarks. While I’m an avid PC gaming guy, I’ve used an Early 2011 …