5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Gaming Keyboard

Five Reasons a Gaming Keyboard Can Make or Break Your Gaming Performance

When you are shopping for PC gaming equipment or building your own gaming pc, chances are you spend a great deal of time selecting the best pc card, motherboard, and processor for your machine. You probably even spend a lot of time selecting the perfect looking case for your build. But have you ever given much thought to your keyboard? (Looking …

Gaming PC Build Mice Keyboards & Monitors - September 2017

Best Gaming PC Mice Keyboards and Monitors (September 2017)

Here are the best choices for gaming pc build peripherals for September 2017. This includes the best gaming mice, gaming monitors and gaming keyboards. These go hand in hand with the gaming pc builds posted here at Newb Computer Build.

July 2017 Gaming PC Builds of the Month

The 5 Best July 2017 PC Builds for Gaming $600 $800 $1000 $1400 $1500

Jump to a specific gaming pc build below $1400 or $1500 Gaming PC Build – July 2017 $1000 Gaming PC Build – July 2017 $800 Gaming PC Build (AMD Ryzen) – July 2017 $600 Gaming PC Build – July 2017 Gaming PC Builds of the Month: July 2017 Welcome to the 5 best gaming pc builds of the month for July …