The Best $1000 PC Build for September 2022

The Best $1000 PC Build for September 2022

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The Best $1000 PC Build for September 2022

The Best $1000 PC Build for September 2022 Update:

Welcome to the best $1000 PC Build for September 2022. Each of the builds in the Gaming PC Builds of the Month have had performance bumps lately and the $100 has had such with a slight graphics card upgrade.

The best $1000 pc build for September 2022 is for gaming with extreme settings at 1920X1080 (HD) resolutions up to Higher Settings at 2560×1440 (2K) in any game with an Intel i5 12400 CPU and the RTX 3060 Graphics Card with this updated gaming pc build of the month.

So if you’ve been in the market for a mid-range pc range build, now is the time as prices have been amazing and you can milk every piece of performance you can per dollar spent.

Please keep in mind that every PC is and can be unique to its builder, so feel free to swap things like cases if you had your eye set on something more unique to you — and if you have any questions as per compatibility, please feel free to leave a comment.

Which September 2022 PC Build is right for you based on Your Gaming and Budget Needs?

The budgets included below should accommodate most PC gamers out there that play in many gaming settings, maxing games anywhere from 1080p to 1440p and play really well into 4K.

If you are not sure which pc build is right for you based solely on your budget, then here is a quick breakdown of which build may be a right fit for you (*rough performance guidelines):

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The 2022 Mid-Range Gaming PC Build of the Month

The Best $1000 Gaming PC Build | September 2022

Capability: Game with Extreme settings at 1920X1080 (HD) resolutions up to Higher Settings at 2560×1440 (2K)

Powered by the Intel i5 12400 CPU and the RTX 3060 Graphics Card

1 CPU - Best $1000 PC Build 2022

1. CPU: Intel Core i5-12400

The Intel Core i5 12400 replaces the previous Ryzen 5600X in this spot and is on average better overall in both single-core and multi-core performance and in gaming.

Amazon Price: $193.95

2 Cooler -  Best $1000 PC Build 2022

2. Cooler: Intel Laminar RM1 Cooler (Included)

This is the stock cooler for the Intel Core i5 12400. It would be recommended that if you want to overclock upgrade this to an after-market CPU cooler (see hardware alternatives for options).

Price: *Included 

3 Motherboard - Best $1000  PC Build 2022

3. Motherboard: GIGABYTE B660M DS3H DDR4

This is a great budget B650 motherboard with the following specifications:

  • Intel LGA 1700 Socket: Supports 12th Gen Intel Core Series Processors
  • DDR4 Compatible: Dual Channel DDR4, 4 DIMMs
  • Sturdy Power Design: 6+2+1 Phases Hybrid Power Design, Premium Choke and Capacitors, 8-pin Solid Pin CPU Power Connector
  • Comprehensive Thermal Design: M.2 Thermal Guard
  • Next Gen Connectivity: PCIe 4.0, Dual NVME PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, HDMI 2.0,
  • Fast Networking: 2.5GbE LAN
  • Dynamic Audio: High-End Audio Capacitors, Audio Noise Guard
  • Fine Tuning Features: RGB FUSION 2.0, Supports Addressable LED & RGB LED Strips, Smart Fan 6, Q-Flash Plus Update BIOS without installing, CPU, Memory, and GPU

Amazon Price: $109.99

4 Graphics - Best $1000 PC Build 2022

4. Graphics Card: MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 12GB 15 Gbps GDRR6

The 6600XT is a great graphics card for most standard gaming and is faster than previous cards in this bracket.

Price: $379.99

5 RAM -  Best $1000 PC Build 2022

5. RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4 3600

Included is a total of 16GB in the best $1000 gaming pc build, which will be plenty of memory for this rig.

Amazon Price: $63.99

6 SSD - Best $1000 PC Build 2022

6. SSD: Crucial P2 1TB 3D NAND NVMe

  • Capacity: 1TB with sequential reads/writes up to 2400MB/s/1900MB/s
  • NVMe PCIe interface, marking the next step in storage innovation
  • Includes SSD management software for performance optimization, data security, and firmware updates
  • 5-year limited warranty

Amazon Price: $71.99

7 PSU - Best $1000 PC Build 2022

7. Power Supply: EVGA 220-G5-0650-X1 Super Nova 650 G5, 80 Plus Gold 650W

The sweet spot for this build is 650W of juice, and the EVGA 650 Ga 80 Plus Gold does the trick.

  • 80 plus Gold certified, with 91% efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fully modular to reduce clutter and improve airflow. Input Voltage:100 - 240 VAC
  • 100% Japanese capacitors, active clamp +DC-DC converter design to improve 3.3V./ 5V. Stability
  • Fluid dynamic bearing fan and EVGA eco mode for ultra-quiet operation and increased lifespan

Amazon Price: $69.99

8 PC Case - Best $1000 PC Build 2022

8. PC Case: NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-W1 - Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case (White or Black)

  • Front I/O USB Type-C Port and Tempered glass side panel with single screw installation
  • Enhanced cable management: Our patented cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps makes wiring easy and intuitive
  • STREAMLINED COOLING: 2 Aer F120mm fans are included for optimal internal airflow and the front panel and PSU intakes include removable filters, a removable bracket designed for radiators up to 240mm - simplifies the installation of either closed-loop or custom-loop water cooling
  • Motherboard support: Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX

Amazon Price: $79.99

Estimated Cost (September 2022):  $970

Overview | $1000 Best Gaming PC Build 2022

The September $1000 PC build includes an Intel i5 12400 CPU and includes a stock cooler. You don’t have to spend any money upfront for a cooler, however, if you want more superior cooling should you be overclocking, you could consider a better cooler (check out the Best 2022 $1000 gaming pc build page for upgrade alternatives).

The real performance driver behind this build is the RTX 3060 graphics card, which at the moment of posting this article is in stock and has improved significantly in cost this month.

This $1000 pc build will play games smoothly at a high refresh rate of 1080p gameplay and really well into 1400p (2K) resolution gameplay at high FPS.

$1000 Gaming PC Build of the Month Upgrades

To read the full overview and for a list of hardware alternatives, please visit the FULL Best $1000 Gaming PC Build Page

If you visit the full overview for the best $1000 build you’ll also find hardware alternatives and upgrades. This can be upgraded hardware including a better graphics card, more memory, or even more storage space should you need it.

Operating Systems for Your Gaming PC

Do keep in mind that you will also need an operating system, however, it’s not too difficult to find keys for windows 11 online, you will need to install it using something like a USB key or external drive.

  OS Link Price Image
Windows 10 or 11

Make a Windows 11 Installation Media

Download and install Windows on a USB (Need another PC)  Windows 11 PC Build - Newb Computer Build
Ubuntu (Linux OS) Ubuntu – Desktop Free (open source) Ubuntu Logo
SteamOS SteamOS – “Build your own Steam Machine” Free Steam Operating System OS

The Best $1000 PC Build for September 2022 Overview Video

If you prefer to check out a video overview of the $1000 PC build, then look no further. And please remember if you have any questions or comments on your build to leave them below and I’ll try my best to help you out. Best of luck building your next best PC build!

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