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Entry Level Gaming Build

Newb Computer Build: Entry Level Gaming PCThe Entry Level Gaming Build includes the best entry level hardware for your money. I do my research to ensure I choose the best possible entry level CPU / Graphics card mix to ensure you can play most video games out on the market, but not necessarily at maxed out settings. Perhaps you don’t need to play every video game at max settings, or perhaps you are waiting to save up and add upgrade later on down to road.

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Second Tier Gaming Build

Newb Computer Build: Second Tier Gaming PCThe Second Tier Gaming Build is your second in command in hardware choices for your gaming PC build. For this build you most likely are an occasional gamer, play mostly mainstream games, want to play most games at decent settings, and you want to still do this on a budget. If this is you, then yes the second tier gaming build would be your choice of hardware.

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Third Tier Gaming BuildNewb Computer Build: Tier 3 Gaming PC

The Third Tier Gaming PC can be built for anybody who considers themselves an an average gamer, plays a variety of games, and wants to play most mainstream games at higher settings (sometimes maxed). If this is you, then take a look at the third tier gaming build.

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Fourth Tier Gaming BuildNewb Computer Build: Tier 4 Gaming PC

The Fourth Tier Gaming PC is perfect for anyone who considers themselves an above average gamer, wants to play most games on very high settings, and wants to take things to the next level (literally). If you want the best possible hardware for your money, and consider yourself an above average game, then check out the fourth tier gaming build.

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Fifth Tier Gaming BuildNewb Computer Build: Tier 5 Gaming PC

The Fifth Tier Gaming PC is for extreme gamers who love to play their games at maxed out settings, and are aiming to play at a high FPS is most games. Future proof your PC with the fifth tier gaming build, and game to your hearts content!

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Ultimate Gaming BuildNewb Computer Build: The Ultimate Gaming PC

The Ultimate Gaming PC is for an intense gamer who is insane; sort of like the mad scientist of the gaming PC realm. This build uses the same PC hardware configurations that higher priced pre-built retail Gaming PCs use (like Dell – Alienware for example) except at a fraction of the potential cost.

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